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Welcome! I hope you enjoy listening to these interviews from the Full Potential Parenting Show. Please note that any special offers mentioned in the interviews have likely expired.

Interview #44 – Rebecca French:  Healing with the Angels


Rebecca French is an intuitive healer and coach who uses a connection with Archangels in her energy healings of children and mothers. Rebecca explains how this special gift came about, her initial skepticism, and how she has come to trust what the “AAs” are communicating to her. Rebecca also leads us in an absolutely beautiful healing meditation that will leave your body, mind, and spirit feeling lighter and more able to be loving and forgiving to yourself and to your child. To learn more about a healing with Rebecca, visit her website


Interview #45: Amy Cohen: Flower Power – Healing with Flower Essences

Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen

Amy Cohen became a practitioner of botanical therapy after having her own powerful healing experience using a flower remedy while on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She has studied with the best producers of flower remedies from all over the world and is certified and accredited to teach. She is considered the foremost expert in her field, helping others find purpose, peace of mind and their personal happiness again. As a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Amy is passionate about helping people reclaim their happiness, wellbeing, and purpose, just as she did, using powerful and safe botanical therapy.


Interview #46: Greg Warburton – Tell More, Ask Less

Greg Warburton

Greg Warburton

Greg Warburton. Greg is the author of Ask More, Tell Less: A Practical Guide for Helping Children Achieve Self-Reliance, which provides a new model of parenting that can help transform the growing-up years. He’s a mental health counselor for kids, teens and parents whose overarching focus is on assisting youth with achieving the inner-freedom and confidence that goes with becoming a self-reliant person. His work is focused on practical and effective methods that anyone can learn and use and on the development of mental and emotional self-management, leading to self-reliance. Although he’s worked with numerous children with multiple diagnoses, Greg doesn’t focus on what’s wrong with children, but invites them to become empowered to take control of their own lives by asking questions, noticing when they’re being curious and honest, and being on their side. Some of the insights he describes hearing from children who have been invited to be curious about whatever problem they’re facing are profound, and all are deeply touching.


Interview #47: Helene Timpone: Transforming Controlling and Defiant Children

Helene Timpone

Helene Timpone

Helene Timpone LCSW, is an internationally recognized therapist, trainer, coach, and consultant, especially noted for her work with preteens and teens. Specializing in the areas of attachment, grief, and trauma, Helene’s expertise is in empowering parents with information and techniques focused on understanding and identifying the trauma that lies beneath the child’s severe behaviors, thus creating long-term healing and enhancing close, healthy relationships.


Interview #48: Sonia Story: Movement: The Language of the Brain


Sonia Story of Move Play Thrive has trained in many different modalities: Neurodevelopmental Movement programs including Rhythmic Movement Training™; Masgutova Neuro-sensory-motor & Reflex Integration program (MNRI); Bal-A-Vis-X, and the Original Play Playshops. Sonia also has instructor level training in Brain Gym® and has training in the Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser. In addition, Sonia has studied numerous methods of Reflex Integration and has further training in Developmental Movement, Balametrics, Nonviolent Communication, and Storytelling with Children.


Interview #49: Dr. Heidi Skye: The Language of Wellness

Heidi skye


Dr. Heidi Skye is a mom (including foster mom) and a family chiropractor who blogs about family wellness at Her passion is speaking, writing and teaching about how parents’ conscious conversations with their children can create a “Culture of Wellness” in their families. She has been in private practice in the San Francisco Bay area since 1996 and holds a master’s degree in Neuroendocrinology.


 Interview #50: Sandra Fazio – Conscious Parenting

Sandra Fazio Headshot





Sandra is a Conscious Parent / Life Coach, author and Founder of The Conscious Parent Blog and brings an authentic, open and honest heart to each connection in her life. Her offering is to expand and deepen the conversations around conscious parenting (as defined by Dr. Shefali Tsabary in her book The Conscious Parent, for all parents and parent-type figures, to raise our collective self-awareness and to make this world better for our children to live and lead and for generations to come. In this interview, we discuss why presence and awareness, along with boundaries and connection, are so key to allowing your child to be the teacher you need, and why the standard authoritative, control-based parenting paradigm deprives both you and your child of spiritual growth.

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