Season 5 Interviews – Listen Only


Interview #37: Joy Fichiera on Children and Chakras


Joy Fichiera


Joy Fichiera is the creator of Everyday Chakras. Joy is a mom, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner. She became interested in chakras – energy centers in our bodies – after having a benign liver tumor removed several years ago, and began to realize the power of chakras in our everyday lives. While there are many sources of information about chakras, Joy may be the first to apply this understanding directly to children. As the name of her business implies, she takes a very practical approach to helping parents identify and correct chakra imbalances in their children – turning what can seem like a very “out-there” topic and turning it into an understandable part of your day to day life.

Interview #38: Dr. Robert Tinker on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitivation and Reprocessing) with Children


Dr. Robert Tinker



Interview #39: Wendy Tomlinson on Law of Attraction Parenting


Wendy Tomlinson


Wendy Tomlinson is a life coach, Law of Attraction practitioner, and an EFT master practitioner. She is also the author of the book 21 Steps to Positive Parenting Using the Law of Attraction.


nterview #40: Judy Tweal on Healing with Gemstones and Crystals (or Fun with Rocks!)

Judy Tweal

Judy Tweal


Judy Tweal is a Reiki practitioner and intuitive, and she’s here to talk with us about having more fun on our healing journeys using gemstones.


Interview #41: Lisa Byrne on Regaining Your Calm


Lisa Bryne is the founder of Well Grounded Life. Lisa helps depleted moms find their sanity, calm, and spark again. Lisa is also the author of the Amazon bestselling book Replenish. She has degrees in biochemistry and public health, and has a certificate in integrative nutrition. And as the mother of three, she understands the demands of motherhood.


Interview #42: Lynn Moore and Heather Jeffrey on Healing with Horses

Lynne Moore

Lynne Moore


Heather Jeffrey

Heather Jeffrey


Interview #43: Lyndsey Lieneck: Movement and Mindfulness

Lindsey Lieneck

Lindsey Lieneck

Lindsey Lieneck is a yoga practitioner and an occupational therapist, and has gained experience in a variety of rehabilitation settings with extensive training and experience in neurological rehabilitation, sensory processing and functional therapy in the community and home environment. Lindsey also has experience developing and creating training programs for other therapists around her specialty topics of sensory processing, mindfulness, stress management and functional life changes. Lindsey combines her yoga practice and her OT training in some really synergistic and powerful ways through her business, Yogapeutics.