Free EFT Tapping Audios

Please enjoy tapping along with these free EFT tapping audios on a range of issues relevant to parents of challenging children

As always, please take responsibility for your own well being when tapping along with these EFT tapping audios.

Tapping Chart/Tip Sheet (please download!): Tapping Tips and Diagram

FPP tapping points

Tapping Audios:

Introduction to EFT Tapping for Parents


EFT: Beyond the Basics


With Every Breath Tapping Prayer


Tapping on Confidence in Decision Making


Tapping on Being Tired of it All


Tapping on Connecting with your Child


Tapping on Fear of Anger


Tapping on Money Stress


Tapping on Sadness


Tapping on Getting Triggered/Having Big Emotions


Group Surrogate Tapping on Back-to-School Anxiety


Tapping Away Back-to-School Stress


Interviews about Tapping:

Coming Soon!

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