EFT Tapping Classes and Sessions

I offer several different options for EFT tapping classes and sessions for struggling parents. All sessions are available via phone or Skype and all are recorded so you can tap along to the recording at a later time to keep the healing process moving forward. Read more about each type of EFT tapping class and session below.


Individual EFT Tapping Sessions

In private,one-on-one sessions we’ll focus on the issues that are most pressing for you, whether it’s your inability to stop eating when you get upset, your recurring migraine headaches, or how angry you are at your child for destroying something (else) precious in your home.

Working one-on-one allows us to delve deeper into your own situation to get to the core beliefs, incidents, and memories that are at the root of your reactions and your stress. It  can result in your getting critical insights into patterns of behavior and beliefs that you may not recognize on your own, and you can get personalized suggestions about issues to keep tapping on after your session.

While EFT can certainly be effective when you do it by yourself, especially when you are starting out it can be incredibly helpful to have someone else lead you through a tapping session and help you understand what words to say and how to zero in on core issues. Plus, if you’ve scheduled and paid for a session, you’re much more likely to actually do some tapping.

If you’re interested in booking a single or a package of individual sessions with Alison, please email Alison@full-potential-parenting.com or go HERE to purchase. (You’ll be contacted about scheduling your session.)

Cost: $75 for a 1-hour session or $200 for a 3-session package (Save $25!).

SPECIAL!! 6-Months to Confidence, Clarity, and Calm. Includes two 1-hour sessions each month for 6 months plus between-session email follow up as necessary. Just $888.


Online e-Course: Stress Relief for Struggling Parents

Get all the scoop about this great option to learn tapping at your own pace with a 5-lesson course HERE.
Stress Relief


21 Days of Tapping 

An e-mail course that delivers daily tapping scripts to your inbox. Tap along for 21 days to tapping scripts that address the fears, frustrations, and other feelings associated with parenting challenging children. Learn more about this great introduction to tapping HERE. 21 Days of Tapping


Group Surrogate Tapping Session: Helping our Children Heal

This 1-hour class will lead participants through a surrogate tapping exercise on our children. We’ll start by tapping on a few of our own issues and then I’ll walk you through the surrogate tapping process where we’ll tap on the most troublesome issues facing our children, based on information participants provide in an intake form. Participants will receive a recording of the session that they can tap along to again and again. Classes held from time to time, so stay tuned for more information about cost, date and time. To get the latest information on when this class will be offered next, be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.

What is surrogate tapping anyway? Surrogate tapping is when you tap on yourself on someone else’s behalf, with the intention of helping that person resolve his or her own issues. While it may sound odd or even impossible, there are countless examples of surrogate EFT being effective. Our thoughts and intentions are energetic in nature. So it doesn’t matter whether the person you’re tapping for is standing next to you or halfway across the world. (I know, I had trouble accepting this at first as well.) Here’s the catch, though. If the person doing the surrogate tapping is too invested in the outcome of the tapping on the third party–in other words, if you want or need your child to change in some way–surrogate tapping’s effectiveness can be limited. You have to be able to get your own “stuff” out of the way first. One way to counter this is to do some tapping initially on your own need for something to be different, in order to release your investment in the outcome. That’s a pretty tall order for many of us, though, especially when we’re living with extreme and exhausting behaviors that we desperately want go away or at least to be reduced in severity or frequency. Group Surrogate Tapping provides an elegant solution to this problem.

Group Surrogate Tapping is an innovative approach to EFT that makes use of the benefits of group tapping and of surrogate tapping while neutralizing the “I’m too invested” drawback inherent in surrogate tapping. It allows for the intention and energy of other parents –not invested in your child’s issues — to help clear anxiety, fear, and limiting beliefs from your child, while your energy and intention can help other parents’ children.

Still not sure EFT is right for you?? To get a better idea of what EFT is all about and how it can help, listen to this presentation by Alison Morris on the Full Potential Parenting show.