EFT Book: Stress Relief for Struggling Parents

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Now available on Amazon.com!  I wrote this book to help you learn how to use EFT to reduce your stress level, decrease your sense of overwhelm, and turn down the dial on those limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and your child that keep you stuck in a reactive mode instead of responding with love and understanding like the parent you long to be. Click >>here<< to get your copy of this easy-to-understand introduction to EFT from a parent who understands exactly what you’re going through, because I’ve been through it myself.

Praise for the book:

Stress Relief for Struggling Parents is a light in the dark for parents of challenging children. Drawing from her own life experience as a parent choosing love and responsibility over fear and reactivity, Alison Morris reveals a clear-cut, easy to implement practice of EFT for parents to utilize immediately in their journey to create healing for themselves and their wounded children. I simply don’t read many mental health related books these days and recommend even fewer; this one just found itself amongst the top of my personal resource list! Awesome job, Alison. Read this book! Grow the light of love.

Bryan Post, Post Institute, co-author of Beyond Consequences, Logic & Control and author of From Fear to Love, and The Great Behavior Breakdown


EFT is for anyone. I have seen it used remarkably well for war vets dealing with severe PTSD. Alison Morris has chosen to concentrate on parents who experience stressful parenting (don’t we all?) either due to a challenging child or one’s own challenging childhood that planted pesky beliefs about ourselves that interfere with being a better parent. Alison’s book is wise, practical, clear, and extremely helpful in teaching the tapping process, which can successfully augment programs and books that just don’t always cut it. Alison thinks of everything. You cannot help but find her direction pointed to your personal situation.

Bonnie Harris, Director, Connective Parenting, and author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons (And What You Can Do About It) and Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids: 8 Principles for Raising the Kids You’ll Love to Live With


This is an essential resource for every struggling parent. Following Alison’s practical guidelines inevitably leads to an achievable goal—to experience the joy of successful parenting and well-adjusted, happy children.

Valerie Lis, MA, Courses for LIFE, EFT Expert Practitioner & EFT Universe Workshop Trainer, Author of the forthcoming book Simple EFT™: Hints and Tips for Better Results


Wow, what a terrific book! This is something I would have loved to have had when I began my journey, when I was searching for all the things I needed for my son with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Among all the things that I put into practice (nutritional therapies, movement/ reflex therapies, therapeutic parenting and more) I stumbled upon EFT and that was the icing on the cake. It helped me to be calm and I taught it to my son to help him regulate his emotions.

Victoria, M.S., parent, special education teacher, and consultant

I love this book! It’s so very important for moms to have this great tool, and the book does an excellent job explaining and teaching EFT.

Jane Sheppard, creator of Healthy Child, co-founder of CureChild, and the author of Super Healthy Kids: Strengthening Your Child’s Resistance to Disease


Although parenting books and approaches have many inconsistencies between them, the rare constant in them all is the importance of the parent remaining calm. But there is seldom guidance on HOW to remain calm while under a constant barrage of stress. Finally – a parent in the trenches has written practical instructions (with gritty honesty) we can all use to reclaim ourselves, our calm, and our families. The technique is easy, free, and effective. Thank you, Alison!

TMM, a parent


Alison Morris has provided an easy-to-use introduction to a very powerful, transformational tool that will allow you to shift from frustration to empowered parenting. Every family should use EFT! In this practical guide, writing with insight, wisdom, and humor, she provides everything you need to start tapping. Read, Rinse, Repeat!

Jan L. Watkins, JD, MSW, LCSW has used EFT for more than 15 years and is an EFT Expert Practitioner, Trainer, and Mentor. She is a contributing author to the EFT Clinical Handbook Clinical EFT Handbook 1.