About EFT Tapping with Alison

photoI’m a Certified Intermediate Practitioner-1 of EFT. I’m also author of Stress Relief for Struggling Parents: Using EFT to Become the Parent you Long to Be.” I was introduced to EFT by another parent of a challenging child, and immediately became hooked. I’m in awe of the ability we have to help ourselves when we have the proper tools, and I’m excited about the potential EFT has to help families who are in so much pain. Only when we heal ourselves are we truly able to help our children heal.


Here’s what others have said about EFT tapping with Alison

“It was a powerful release of bottled up emotions for me.”  ~C.

 “I was really down emotionally before I did this session yesterday. Your scripts were so powerful and perfect for me.Your session just pulled me out of my depression and what an awesome day we had as a family today!!! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience and looking forward to your next session.”  ~ P.

 “Awesome and just what I needed.” ~ J.

 “You do such a wonderful job and captured my feelings so well.” ~S.

“I felt so heavy before; now I’m feeling lighter and not so overwhelmed.” ~ E.

“It’s so helpful to know that it’s OK to have these feelings.” ~ B.


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